Charging Stations

Be in charge!

Atrium is pleased to present our new free mobile device charging stations. Located in Concourse eats at specially designated seating areas, the charging stations offer both AC power outlets and USB charging ports, for your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. The charging stations are perfect to top-up the charge on your mobile device while you enjoy the amenities of Concourse eats. Please note that you must have your own charging cord to use these stations.

Legal Disclaimer: The charging stations are provided at your own risk. Do not leave your device unattended. Atrium cannot guarantee the safety of your device or that the charging station will actually perform as advertised. Atrium also cannot be held responsible for a lost or broken device as the result of using the charging stations. Atrium has the right to enforce a time-limit on the use of the charging stations. Thank you for your understanding.

Charging Stations


Be downtown!

Underground Parking at Atrium is available 24/7, with the entrance located just east of Bay Street on Edward Street, one block north of Dundas St. The clean and well-lit AUTOMATED parking facility has over 500 spaces on two levels.

Validation is available at the following restaurants: The Pickle Barrel, Spring Rolls

For all enquiries, please call 416-977-2858 or send an email to

Parking Entrance
Parking Rates: (HST Included)
Each 1/2 Hour or Less $4.00
Early Bird – In Before 9AM & Out Before 7PM $15.50 (effective March 11/2019)
Maximum Daily (In After) 9AM – 7PM $19.00
Maximum Evenings 6PM – 6AM $7.50
Sunday & Holidays 6AM – 7PM $7.00
Saturday 6AM – 7PM $7.50